Consultation/Feedback Session



All evaluations begin with a parent consultation. When appropriate, an older child or teenager may join this meeting. The consultation is a 60- to 90-minute information-gathering session focused on learning about your child’s family, developmental, medical, educational, and social/emotional history.  This is a time to review prior testing reports and important medical and school documentation. We will also discuss your current concerns in detail. Together, we will determine what testing components are necessary to answer your questions.


Feedback Session


Following all evaluations, we will meet for a parent feedback session. This a very detailed and thorough meeting where we will discuss your child’s performance on each test administered. I will explain the implications of all test results including your child’s strengths and weaknesses, explain diagnoses (where applicable), and review targeted recommendations.


This type of feedback session is often too overwhelming for children and young teenagers to attend. However, since many parents struggle with how to explain test results and diagnoses to their kids, I also offer a separate, abbreviated child/teen feedback session to share the results directly with your child, highlight their strengths, and help prepare them for the any supports they may need.


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