• Dysgraphia is a specific learning disorder that affects writing abilities.
  • It can occur alone or in children with dyslexia, other language disorders, or ADHD.
  • An individual may have language-based dysgraphia and/or non-language-based dysgraphia.
  • Common warning signs:


  • Language-Based: spells well on spelling tests but not in actual usage; lacks punctuation and capitalization; fails to finish words or omits words from sentences; difficulty following spelling and grammar rules in writing; writes run-on, incomplete and/or jumbled sentences; trouble getting thoughts down on paper; produces minimum content on a page despite oral ability to explain ideas


  • Non-Language-Based: fine motor difficulties (i.e., trouble holding pencil and scissors correctly); trouble with letter spacing; writes letters and words that run together; trouble writing on a line and inside margins; mixes upper- and lowercase letters; copies text slowly.


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