Do you accept insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider.


I know testing is an investment, in your time and financial resources, but I feel strongly that I am only able to provide the best services when I have the freedom to choose and structure the testing based on what is needed for your child, not based on what insurance will cover.


Following testing, I will provide an itemized statement should you wish to submit to insurance for reimbursement.  Check with your insurance company, as some of the cost may be covered.

How should I prepare my child for testing?

Tell your child that they will be working with Dr. Dogali or Dr. Lindsey. Be sure to let them know that I am not the kind of doctor that gives shots. Instead, we will be working together doing different activities (be careful not to say games!) to see how he or she thinks and learns.


Relate it to a problem that your child understands, such as “help with reading” or “help staying focused and organized.” Do NOT over-explain. Keep it simple and short. When your child or adolescent arrives, I will further prepare him/her so there are clear expectations and reduced anxiety about the whole process.


Other important points:

  • Make sure your child has a good night sleep and a good breakfast.
  • Please take all medications as prescribed on the day of testing (for stimulant medications, we will touch base about timing of dosage prior to testing).
  • If your child wears glasses, bring them!
  • Bring snacks and water

Does the child attend the initial consultation?

The intake is a time to express all of your concerns openly and honestly. Therefore, please do not bring your child to the intake. However, we can decide together whether it would be beneficial to have your adolescent (age 14 and older) present for the initial appointment. There will be ample time during the testing process for me to interview and gather information from your child and teenager.

Does the child attend the parent feedback session?

Generally, no. The parent feedback can be overwhelming for parents let alone kids! Instead, I offer a separate, abbreviated feedback session for children. Parents can be included in this session as well. This time is to explain the results of testing (including diagnoses if appropriate) to the child in an age-appropriate way. For younger children, I often utilize drawings and stories to help them understand.

For teenagers, we can decide whether they will benefit from being included in the parent session or a separate teen session.

What should I bring to the assessment?

Bring all prior testing reports as well as relevant school documentation (IEP/ 504 plan, recent report cards and work samples, recent standardized test scores), and relevant medical records.

Do you attend school meetings?

Upon request and with an additional fee, I can attend school meetings. Advanced notice is required. I also provide referrals for educational consultants and advocates.

Do you provide therapy?

No. I only provide assessment-related services. This involves consultation with parents following testing to help implement some of the recommendations. Referrals for ongoing therapy can be provided upon request.

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