Psychoeducational / Learning Disability Testing

Psychoeducational testing (also called neuropsychological testing) focuses on assessment of cognition (or intellectual abilities), learning and memory, academic achievement, and various areas of processing (i.e., attention and executive functioning; visual-motor/ visual perceptual; auditory/ phonological).


This comprehensive assessment of all your child’s cognitive abilities will allow me to better understand not just WHAT the problem is but WHY there is a problem. For example, if you are concerned about your child’s reading comprehension, this type of assessment would clarify whether the difficulties are due to weaknesses in decoding, auditory vs. visual processing, language processing, reasoning, working memory, attention, or a combination of these factors.  This is crucial in determining the most effective intervention plan for your child.


Testing Process:


  • Following a consultation, testing typically takes place over two appointments. Depending on the age and concerns, some adolescents are able to complete testing in one day (5-6 hours).
  • It is an interactive process where I am working one-on-one with the test-taker engaged in a variety of tasks.
  • I do not have a “standard” battery. I create a tailored testing plan for each client based on age and specific concerns. However, many evaluations include:
    • Cognitive/ intelligence testing (i.e., completing puzzles, providing definitions of words, remembering information like numbers and pictures)
    • Achievement testing (reading, spelling, writing, and math)
    • Auditory and visual processing (i.e., playing word games, copying designs, completing word scramble exercises)
    • Memory testing (i.e., remembering stories, words, designs, and pictures)
    • Attention and Executive Functioning testing (i.e., activities designed to measure focus, sustained attention, restlessness, inhibition, working memory, cognitive flexibility, etc.)
  • Test scores will be interpreted and integrated with my behavioral observations, review of important documentation (i.e., report cards, word samples, prior testing reports) and collateral reports (parent, teacher, self-ratings) to conceptualize strengths and weaknesses and provide meaningful recommendations.
  • Within 1-2 weeks of testing, I will meet with parents for a 90-minute feedback session to review all test findings, discuss real-world implications, and recommendations.
  • When appropriate, I also offer an abbreviated child or teen feedback session, so your child can hear the results directly from me in language they will understand. This is helpful when parents would like help in sharing diagnoses with their child.

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