Testing Services


All evaluations begin with a parent consultation. The consultation is a 60- to 90-minute information-gathering session.


ADHD Testing

Recommended for children or adolescents struggling with focus, sustained attention, hyperactivity, impulse control, and/or executive functioning.

Psychoeducational Testing

Focuses on assessment of cognitive (or intellectual abilities), learning and memory, academic achievement, AND various areas of processing.

Social/Emotional Testing

Recommended for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with mood, anxiety, low self-esteem, behavior problems, and/or social skill challenges.

Comprehensive Testing

Assesses all areas of a child’s functioning including cognitive, academic, attention, processing, and memory, as well as social, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

Admissions/Placement Testing

Cognitive assessments using the WPPSI-IV for younger children (under 6), WISC-V for school-aged, and WAIS-IV for individuals above 16.

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